EarthLab Luxembourg is a proud member of the EarthLab Galaxy

Telespazio France, a LEONARDO and THALES company, long-standing and major player in the field of space applications, is the initiator of the first international geoinformation network, Earthlab Galaxy. “Think global, act local” is the philosophy driving this unique Earth-observation satellite and services initiative.

POST group and HITEC in Luxembourg, Telespazio France and e-GEOS propose a innovative centre like no other in Europe. Luxembourg is the first in the EarthLab Galaxy cluster to host operational and R&D activities in the risk management domain. 


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Our work related to the EarthLab Galaxy

In constant collaboration with our technical and business partners from the Galaxy, we enrich knowledge and products of all of us to serve at a top level class the needs of our customers and third parties. Innovation provided by EarthLab Luxembourg in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and ICT platform will be beneficial for sectors covered by the others centres of the EarthLab Galaxy. 



Industrial sites must anticipate and be ready for a range of disasters, including major fires, explosions, terrorist attacks or accidental release of toxic gases. Sensitive sites, CBRN environments (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) or energy transport infrastructures (oil and gas pipelines) must assess their vulnerability to these threats and step up preventive measures. Detailed analysis, based on combined use of big data and imagery from Earth observing satellites or aerial platforms collected over these areas, helps industry to manage action and safety plans via alerting mechanisms and status dashboards. These advanced services allow insurers and reinsurers to adapt their models and initiate a pro-active approach to risk management.

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Monitoring confirms that earthquakes, floods and extreme weather events (storms, tornadoes, etc.) have become more frequent over the past few decades. Whatever the cause, although climate change is likely largely to blame, the economic impact of such events is now a factor to be reckoned with alongside industrial security issues. EarthLab Luxembourg’s services enable effective mapping of high-risk areas and rapid post-disaster analysis of impacted or potentially impacted areas, as well as optimal management of rescue services, evacuation of populated areas and damage estimation, which are key issues for the insurance and reinsurance markets.