Combine human and artificial intelligence 

Our platform is acting as a smart enabler for centralising data, analytics and R&D under one single roof. EarthLab Luxembourg proposes you a state of the art catalogue of technologies and tools. We take care of you by making your experience simple and efficient.

We have designed our platform to host large amounts of data and apply real-time or batch algorithms. We have considered regulations, cyber security best practices and ICT policies to make possible the integration into your existing infrastructure of our solutions allowing the use of your local data with on-premises resources.

Max-ICS is mainly used by insurers to improve the underwriting efficiency and reduce complex claims costs following natural disasters. Tomorrow our customers will use our platform as a smart enabler of their digital strategy.

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We compile, stream, clean and harmonise data Big Data coming from various images sources such as Satellite, drones, webcams or crowdsourced in order to give context to risk assessment.

We also integrate data from financial trusted sources to mix images and metrics into our Data Lake.

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All needed models, connectors and tools are proposed as a package into our platform allowing to start learning, understanding and predicting. 

Our catalogue includes the main used machine learning, deep learning and computer vision models trained and optimised. Our own proprietary models are also at disposal.

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On the top of our platform we are creating specific modules and solutions for our end customers like underwriters, cat nat modellers and operational risk managers. 

All our applications can be designed directly by our customers and are improved automatically thanks to our up and running A.I infrastructure and our real time data streaming. 

We come up with a never ending constellations of data from satellite, economics, sensors, weather, climate and social networks data.

We compile, stream, clean and harmonise data, we deliver an smooth assimilation to generate knowledge. Thanks to dedicated interfaces our customers can choose data by criteria like location, time range, outputs objectives… for a perfect interaction between needs and sources.

We make possible an immediate delivery of state-of-the-art analytics and business insights for strategic and day-to-day decisions.

We supply an easy way for our customers to imagine their data-driven applications on our platform by uploading their own data to conduct themselves analysis. 

Reduce uncertainty by generating information


At EarthLab Luxembourg we are committed to provide a global offering based on innovative technologies that we master. Our solutions are customised and are adaptable over time. We understand that an Insurance company is confronted with multiple risks that span beyond any geographical border and for which the interlinked consequences are underestimated. The components vary and require bespoke answers, however the key element remains the same: reduce uncertainty to limit losses!

A new vision builds on high-power computing, allowing us to approach areas unimaginable even just a few years ago. Our Deep Learning approach supports decision makers in the event of risk manifestations, providing detailed, timely and relevant information.  This can apply to better understand vulnerabilities at an individual area, impacts on the supply or delivery chain or to more global strategic implications at worldwide level.



Data evidence and analytics insights


In a constantly evolving world, managing risks is more than the application of statistics and probabilities: it requires perspective and context in order to identify the next challenges.

We developed a highly flexible platform that allows to deal with the landscape of global risks. With extremely innovative techniques and collection capabilities, we are helping to identify, treat and proactively act on underlying factors generating cumulative effects.

We provide a dynamic vulnerability scoring to predict impacts in terms of on-site operations, resilience of communities, supply chain and the environment. Climate change simulations using analytics & cognitive science to anticipate the next landscape of major risks.


A new vision of opportunities


From the beginning of our story we have integrated the next generation Artificial Intelligence techniques in order to provide a better understanding of the weak signals. We collect and analyse Big Data coming from various images sources such as Satellite, drones, webcams or crowdsourced in order to give context to risk assessment.