They speak for us!

“ Your approach of Data Privacy offers you reliability to top players and your aggregation of data opens several markets into one global roof : your platform ". - CTO / Insurance market

“ Your offer of providing a new processing channel for generating information and your ability to treat massive different data for several locations around the world is clearly in line with stakes of big companies like us ". - Operational Risk Manager / Industrial market

“ Your approach of enriching a most our knowledge by using alternative data and digital techniques as crowdsourced information represents a real new approach into the market “. - Cat Nat Risk / Insurance Market

“ You are able to find new solutions for current non-solved problems into different insurance business lines and you will be able to address different markets and players. Several departments into our company are interested by working in partnership ”. - Underwriting / Insurance Market

“ Natural risks are documented. Real business challenges are domino effects and frequency that affect real economic drivers. If you are able to identify emerging vulnerabilities, define factors that will influence the future landscape of risks and provide dynamic indicators, the biggest companies will follow you “. - Chief Risk Officer / Industrial market

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Spirit of Openness

In addition to our packaged solutions we offer the possibility of collaborating in other forms, with end users, scientific partners, Earth Observation professionals or ICT companies

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Advanced analytics AS A SERVICE

Our highly secure platform hosted in a Tier IV datacenter in Luxembourg is ready to run your own code and tools. We provide you a remote access to push your data and run your code on our farm. You instantly take benefit of our hybrid cloud infrastructure, our data warehouse and all the data pipelines that we maintain. 

Your Benefits? 

You can use a state of the art data-centric platform with no ICT workload to setup, configure and maintain. The complex infrastructure is on our side and you focus on your business value. Advantages are both for one shot projects and successful long term monitoring needs using Big Data and best practices in Machine Learning and Deep learning.


Projects from A to Z are more than welcome. We can define together a mission mainly or totally conducted by our team. We are accompanying companies into Big Data and Artificial Intelligence projects by providing the human or technical necessary skills.  

Your Benefits? 

Control your financial investments on innovative projects with already existing facilities which prevent you from financial waste. Our skills and the knowledge of our team will reduce the time to generate concrete results.

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Key contacts

Professionals with proven experience in ICT, financial, private and public projects and top class solutions at international level